Black Is Once Again Black

by W.Ellington Felton

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released January 22, 2015

Original Artwork "Apollo" by: February James




W.Ellington Felton Washington

Son of Jazz Legend and Pioneer Hilton C. Felton Jr. continuing his legacy of making musical footprints instead stepping into the shoes of conformity. This are just some of the over 20 records recorded by Wes Felton in the last 10 years

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Track Name: Resolutions
Power To The People
I use that Term Loosely.
They yelling "Catch Assatta" !
Yall screaming "Free Boosie".
Brothers getting chocked over loosies
Can't get Justice like them hackers of the movies.
Selective Morality, master is so choosey.
Yall act just like em', following your duty
Dr.Huxtable's on trial , where's Rudy?
Or Vannessa or Denice or the neighbor name Judy?
Hashtag #blacklivesmatter
They put Obama up there, to push him off the ladder.
Like Tavis Smiley, I can hear the laughter
Don Lemon ass niggas , they them back stabbers.
I mean no offense, not trying to attack ya
No pun intended, I'm just a black rapper.
I don't report the news, I report the blues
Of the people in the streets who wish they had your shoes....!
Track Name: What We've Come From and Where are We Going
Who's gonna pay the cost?
Who's gonna cut the strings?
If We Shall Over Come is What you Sing?
Track Name: Black Bridge Spotting
Singers, what happen to your song?
Where did you and the people break up and go wrong?
You used to be a bridge over trouble waters.
For folks in Need.
Track Name: A New Song aka U Saved Me
True words I don't tell you enough... How you saved me from myself.
My spirit was gone.
Caught in a bad song.
I couldn't switch my tune.
Until I found You.
With one stroke of your hand.... A new song began.
Track Name: Pretty Eyes
Is it the way that you smile, that makes me wanna come clean?
I aint tripping off your style but, you sure look mean in those jeans.
As we lay, we get in each other's heads.
Risky play, don't worry tonight mamma's got the kids
Track Name: I Used To Think w/ Nicholas Ryan Gant
We were born to fly

Hard to soar when your wings are fried

Living ain’t easy when your life’s a lie

Success is not an option if you fail to try
People don’t pray until the bullets fly
Or their pressure’s high or the banks deny
Remember when our heads kept to the sky
Nowadays all we do is occupy
Many paths lead to the day we die
Many names for God, you ever wonder why?
People like zombies never satisfied
Tower of Babel getting awefully high
Ever read the labels on the shit you buy
Like prescription drugs that can stop your cry?
Now you wanna cry but your eyes are dry
Guess what side effect happens to your body next

I used to think invincibility
Partnered with my great abilities
Was reality but I really see
How that old me was the silly me
In life there’s great insanity
Empty-headed know-it-alls…Sean Hannity
Our world is filled with vanities
That’s the true enemy of our family
Streets aren’t safe for the color-blind
Laws weren’t written with an open mind
Police targeting the left behind
Who got left behind by State design
Ben F. knew power don’t come from Man
C. Shell know it can find the sand
Don’t like the channel that you watchanin?
Remote!.......On Demand!